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  Specialized travel agencies can cost you $100s or more in markups and fees, and the price you pay is only good for a single trip

 Hours of research and searching for accessibility information

 Second-hand information you find online is unreliable and contradictory 

 Standard guidebooks may not fully understand the needs of wheelchair users or even include accessibility information

 Carrying a book around can be a hassle, and remembering every accessibility detail is impossible

Access Now

 One time cost of $22 includes unlimited guide updates delivered to your email when new information becomes available

 All of your accessibility questions answered in one place, plus more you didn’t know you needed to ask!

  Everything is researched first-hand for accuracy and reliability

  Access Now trip planning guides are tailored specifically to your mobility needs and provide relevant information — you told us what you wanted in an accessible travel guide, and we listened!

 Carry it with you on-the-go as you travel — the interactive PDF is optimized for viewing on mobile devices

What can you expect to find in one of our trip planning guides?


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Where to Stay

Where to Eat

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Getting Around

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